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TizzBird F30 Firmware 1.08.111021

posted Oct 27, 2011 06:54:26 by
Firmware 1.08
Chú ý giải nén (chạy file .exe) sau khi tải xong.

1.07.11 firmware and 1.08.11 firmware changes


Firmeare 1.08.11 bổ xung hỗ trợ một loạt các driver cho chip không dây wireless RTL8188 Wi-Fi.

*** Media Player / System Changes ***

1 Hỗ trợ USB không dây dùng chipset Realtek RTL8188, RTL8191, RTL8192 Wi-Fi USB - bao gồm cả chipset mới nhất Realtek RTL8188 Wi-Fi.

2. Ralink RT5370 Wi-Fi USB dongle support


OTA (Over The Air) method supports firmware updates and support for file management

*** Media Player / System Changes ***

1. OTA (Over The Air) firmware update supports the way
- Bird Tees F30 of the Cold-Boot state automatically check for the latest firmware and the main unit's firmware update will tell you the information .

2. Supported file management functions - copy , move , delete
- delete a file or folder , move , copy feature is supported :
- file management functions to use the file browser, go to the remote control MENU button and then MENU on the " File Management" , select :
- file browsing, the first mode is a mode of management : management mode, press the green button on the remote control in order to :
- The left pane displays the source drive . And , the right-hand pane to move the driver files Display :
- Each of the window, select the driver to press the red button on the remote control :
- replaced by the file management mode, you can check a file or folder you want and press the green button on the remote since the administration is to the desired file .

3. some TV (LG 3DTV Model ) at boot time from standby HDMI in " no signal " problem-solving in

4. DCIM folder on the root directory, photo files in that folder when you search not make any problems have been resolved .

5. search was troubleshooting some of the audio file tags .

*** UI changes ***

1 film at the start of play, showing a simple file information to support kwikseutateueop information .

2 Faster Media Search

3 Quickbuttons movie playback on the remote control add
- red : audio change
- Green : Change subtitle
- Blue : 3D mode change

**** OTA Firmware Update via ***

- 1.07 a later version of the firmware you've installed the firmware can be updated over the network .

- If there is a new firmware on the server Bird Tees cold-boot state of the main unit will tell you the updated information .

- Set your browser to a firmware update => System => Firmware Update => select system .

- Bird Tees on your local drive, network servers, and update the firmware of a newer version that tells you to find .

- If you select a new version of the firmware to start the download progress bar will appear . (OTA case ).

- After the download is complete REAL-UPDATE is in progress .

- the first boot after the upgrade time is 2 minutes is required during boot up as before since the boot time would normally be .
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