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TizzBird Firmware 1.10.111116

posted Nov 16, 2011 16:12:54 by
This is the 1.10 release of firmware. We fixed some critical bugs of Rev 1.09 at this version. The firmware will be updated thru over the air.
If you installed the Rev 1.07 or later, you will get automatic notification and can update firmware by selecting SETTING BROWSER ==> SYSTEM ==> FIRMWARE UPDATE menu. If you have failed to update the firmware by OTA, please download the firmware update it manually.
Here’s the download link:

File name: TizzBird_F3x_update_V1_10.111116xx.tzbird (It’s around 80MB)

- 1Ghz ARM CPU with 3D accelerated GPU/ 512MB memory/ 2GB NAND
- Android Rev 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System
- World 1st serious smart media player with full media playback including BD/DVD navigation.
- Supports 3D MKV (SBS and TNB) with automatic switching, text subtitle & menus natively.
- Works fully on genuine Android all the way – no DUAL OS, nor switching between them. No tricks.
- It’s based on Android data-base even with large capacity HDD.
- Consistent 3D user interface based on OPEN-GL & Android database.
- Less than two seconds booting from stand-by.
- Consumes only 0.3W or so at stand-by mode. (Virtually consumes no power at stand-by)
- Supports mouse, keyboard, remote simultaneously.
- Embedded automatic scraper poster/ synopsis builder. No need to use PC to build the cover-art.
- Supports 3D Android game and many applications.
- Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 device.
- FANLESS, SCREW-LESS design for silent operation and easy-of-use.
- Supports 3TB HDD without any problem. The 3TB can be identified whole capacity if you format it by GPT (GUID Partition Table).

0. Upgrade Procedure
Upgrade thru O.T.A. (from Rev 1.07 or later)
- Once you install the Rev 1.07 or later, the next FW will be updated over the air (thru network)
- If new firmware is available on server, Tizzbird will inform you weekly basis or on cold boot.
- To update the firmware, selecting SETTINGS BROWSER ==> SYSTEM ==> FIRMWARE UPDATE ==> SYSTEM.
- The Tizzbird will search both network server and local drives to find out available updates and prompt you the newer versions.
- Select the version, then it will start to download (in OTA case) and progress bar will appear.
- After downloading completed, it will prompt you the REAL-UPDATE. If yes, it will flash the new firmware into NAND.
- The first boot-up time after upgrade, will take something like two minutes. Once it’s done, the booting time will be normal as before
- We put slightly different version of firmware at Rev 1.07 on server, for you to test the OTA. After updating thru OTA, the booting logo will be white background.


1) Fixes the HD audio and S/PDIF audio pass-thru problems of Denon AV-Receiver such as AVR-1312, 1612, 1912, 3312, A100.
- S/PDIF pass-thru of DD/ DTS is no problem.
- HD audio pass-thru is no problem.
- We have not tested Pioneer AVR yet, butall the other AVR here such as Sony, Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo do not have problem.
2) Fixes the device mode bug
- Fixes the hang bug when suspend and then reboot.
3) Fixes digital audio S/PDIF pass-thru bug.
- No problem of AC3/DTS pass-thru by S/PDIF
4) Fixes movie scraping bug of folder corrupted.
- Fixes the folder corruption problem after movie scraping.
5) Fixes movie scraping bugs of Chinese Internet movie site.
- Enhance the hit ratio of scraping greatly.
6) Fixes music scraping bug.
7) Improves the remote reaction speed by putting more waiting icons on waiting situations.
8) Fixes OTA firmware update bug.

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE

- This will simplify the scraping modes.
- ADVANCED contains SMART/ ALL/ FILES IN FOLDER at database mode
- SCRAPE CURRENT will work as SCRAPE CURRENT (folder name) at folder mode.
- SCRAPE CURRENT will work as SCRAPE CURRENT (file name) at database mode.
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