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TizzBird F10 Firmware v1.20.120128

posted Jan 30, 2012 10:25:47 by
Firmware Download : [Firmware 1.2]

This is the Rev 1.20.120128 release of firmware. We changed the major version to Rev 1.2x since it’s a huge leap from Rev 1.1x software. The Rev 1.2x is based on the Android Rev 2.3.5, while Rev 1.1x was based on the Rev 2.3.3. Rev 2.3.5 is the last version of Gingerbread and it’s quite stable and faster than ever.
We added TizzRemote™ which can replace remote, keyboard and mouse at this version. The TizzRemote is already on the Android market place and you can freely download it on your Android phone.
The firmware can be updated over the air. The previous firmware was 1.14.120107.
We also added GMS (Google Market Service) for your evaluation only. You can directly connect to Google Market Place with this version. This can be also updated thru OTA.

1) The base of Android system version is changed from Rev 2.3.3 to Rev 2.3.5.
- Faster and more stable.
2) Supports TizzRemote™
- Search and download the Android App from Google Market by “TizzRemote” on your Android smart phone.
- It will start to search TizzBird at your local network and pop-up available devices.
- Use the TizzRemote™ as a mouse, keyboard or remote.
- You can use QR code installer at the “Settings Browser” > “System” > “QR” code for direct installation bypassing Google market.
3) Supports GMS.
- To update it OTA, please type number “900912” with remote at the settings browser > system, then select “Update Firmware”. The firmware will pop-up with “[GMS]” prefix.
4) Fixes SPDIF output problem when SPDIF is selected.
- If user selects “HDMI Analog” -> The PCM audio output will be present at HDMI & analog RCA.
- If user selects “HDMI Digital” -> The raw audio output will be present at HDMI & SPDIF.
- If user selects “SPDIF Analog” -> The PCM audio output will be present at SPDIF only.
- If user selects “SPDIF Digital” -> The raw audio output will be present at SPDIF only.
- If user selects “ANALOG” -> The PCM audio output will be present at analog RCA only.
5) Fixes the RTSP protocol to support the real time streaming.
- Many of the IPTV-like APP of Android market will run without problem. (Pooq, EveryonTV…)
6) Supports DVI port output of PC monitors.
- Adds DVI video output at “Settings Browser” -> “Audio & Visual” -> “Video Output”

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE
1) Adds weather/ calendar widget at home screen.
- You can set the city name at the “settings browser > system”.
- The local language can be used for that.
- The size of year/ month/ day will be changed later.
2) Adds status bar at home screen.
- Shows current status of Wi-Fi, USB, HDD, SD card, network and network server connections.
3) Adds progressive updating of music/ photo thumbnails at device mode.
4) Changes customized power-off option. (Long-press key of power button)
- Simple and smaller dialog box with revised icons.
5) Supports direct setting of Wi-Fi/ Network Server at Home-screen when clicking the icon of status bar with mouse.
- Click the status icon will bring you settings of implied function.
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