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TizzBird F30 Firmware v1.23.120313

posted Mar 17, 2012 04:35:19 by
Firmware Download : [Firmware V1.23]

This is the Rev 1.23.120314 release of firmware. We fixed the hang-up issue at booting

If you’d like to upgrade F30 to Rev 1.20 or later from Rev 1.1x, please back up your data and APP. This version of upgrade F30 will erase the entire APPs you’ve installed before, since NAND memory map has been changed at this version. F10 is O.K.


1) Fixes random hang-up issue when booting (All models).
- Symptom: F10/F30/F20/F11 randomly does not boot. Hang-up with boot-logo (Android)
- Cause: With CINEMA FRAME-RATE (23.976Hz) turned on, turn the device off accidently let device remain unknown HDMI frame-rate value. Boot-loader hangs-up eventually.
- Fixes: Adds exception handling and workaround code where necessary.

2) Improves MOV file compatibility – Especially movie trailer.

3) Adds DLNA network protocol
- Default is turn-off at Setting à SYSTEM menu.
- Can playback the uPnP/ DLNA server contents. (PC, phone, NAS…)
4) Adds Dolby Digital Plus pass-thru.

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE

1) Fixes multi-file poster showing problem when connection to NFS
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