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TizzBird F30 Firmware v1.25.120410

posted Apr 12, 2012 11:42:06 by
Firmware Download: [Firmware V1.25]

This is the Rev 1.25.120410 release of firmware. This firmware will be applied to F10/ F11/ F20/ F30 models. We fixed the Wi-Fi turn-on when wake-up and Gigabit issue in this version.

If you’d like to upgrade F30 to Rev 1.20 or later from Rev 1.1x, please back up your data and APP. This version of upgrade F30 will erase the entire APPs you’ve installed before, since NAND memory map has been changed at this version. F10/F11/ F20 are O.K.


1) Fixes Wi-Fi turning on issue when wake-up.
2) Fixes gigabit Ethernet connection problem of F20.
3) Supports the latest “AngryBirds Space” game.
4) Fixes two USB HDD devices recognition problem of F20 when boot-up.
5) Fixes start-up script for “Auto Play”.

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE

1) Adds the “REPEAT” function on Movie Player.
- The BLUE button can be used to enable the “REPEAT” mode.
- The BLUE button behavior can be selected at “Settings Browser > Movie > Advanced Settings > Blue Button”
2) Changes the “Weather Setting” position at “Settings Browser > System”.
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