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TizzBird F30 Firmware v1.27.120511

posted May 11, 2012 13:35:32 by
Firmware Download : [Firmware V1.27]

This is the Rev 1.27 release of firmware. This firmware will be applied to F10/ F20/ F30 models. We fixed the Ethernet reliability problem & improve network server connection in this version.

If you’d like to upgrade F30 to Rev 1.20 or later from Rev 1.1x, please back up your data and APP. This version of upgrade F30 will erase the entire APPs you’ve installed before, since NAND memory map has been changed at this version. F10/ F20 are O.K.


1) Improves reliability of network server playback by changing SYNC mode operation to ASYNC one.

2) Fixes the Ethernet dropping problem.

3) Improves the connection stability with NAS

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE

1) Remove automatic detection of “unformatted HDD” at boot-up, move it as “Format HDD” item to “Settings Browser -> System -> Advanced” option.
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