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TizzBird F10 Firmware v2.04.120912

posted Sep 29, 2012 08:40:04 by
Firmware Download : [Firmware V2.04]

This is the Rev 2.04.120912 official release of firmware. This firmware will be applied to F10/ F11/ F20/ F30 models. This is 5th official firmware of season2 firmware of TizzBird. We fix several bugs and do support direct software AP mode of Android phone at TizzRemote at this version. You don’t have to access Wi-Fi AP to use the TizzRemote at your smart phone. If you turn on the tethering on your Android phone, the TizzRemote will work on software AP just like other normal AP. This version is available thru OTA.
The official version of this firmware is available now.
The firmware can be updated over the air. The previous firmware was 2.03.120824.
We also added GMS (Google Market Service) version at OTA as before (typing “900912” scheme). You can directly connect to Google Market Place with this version. This can be also updated thru OTA.

1) Fixes weather widget problem.
2) Adds a DVI output at SETUP WIZARD.
3) Update TizzRemote for Android.
- Supports direct access to phone, if phone’s Wi-Fi is in tethering mode.
- No need to use Wi-Fi AP in this case.
- Already available on Android market.
- Android only right now.
4) Adds AUTOMATIC SETUP WIZARD ON/OFF option at “Settings  System  Advanced Settings”
- If turns it off, the setup wizard will not run again even though TV change is detected.
5) Fixes minor bugs.
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