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TizzBird Stick N1 firmware 3.02.120912

posted Sep 29, 2012 07:50:47 by
Download: [Firmware 3.02 for N1GB]

This is the Rev 3.02.120912 release of firmware of N1. This firmware will be applied to TizzStick N1 models. This is the 3rd official release version firmware for N1G.
We fixed several bugs & support BLUETOOTH dongle in this version. And we do support direct software AP mode of Android phone at TizzRemote at this version. You don’t have to access Wi-Fi AP to use the TizzRemote at your smart phone. If you turn on the tethering on your Android phone, the TizzRemote will work on software AP just like other normal AP.

- 800Mhz Cortex-A5 CPU / 256KB Cache/ 1GB RAM/ 4GB T-flash
- Ultra small form factor STICK DEVICE
- Android Rev 4.0.4 ICS OS
- Dual launchers for both Android & Media player users.
- World 1st serious smart media player including BD/DVD navigation.
- Genuine Android – no DUAL OS, no switching, no tricks.
- 3D UI based on OPEN-GL.
- Supports mouse/ keyboard/ remote.
- Automatic scraper poster/ synopsis/ album-art builder. No need to use PC.
- Supports 3D Android game and many applications.
- 802.11n Wi-Fi embedded
- Do support DVD/ BD backup flawlessly
- FANLESS, SCREW-LESS design for silent operation and easy-of-use.
- Supports NFS/ Samba automatic browsing & multiple network drives.
- Supports superb TizzNFS software for network sharing by NFS.
- Supports TizzRemote™ which let you use your smart phone as an ultimate input device.
- The TizzRemote™ for iPhone is available NOW.
- Supports Bluetooth HID device including MOUSE/ KBD, if you attach BT USB dongle.

1) Fixes screen black-out and splitting problem sometimes.
- This problem happens very rarely but it does exist on Rev 3.01 or earlier.
2) Fixes de-interlacing problem of some DVD titles.
3) Update TizzRemote for Android.
- Supports direct access to phone, if phone’s Wi-Fi is in tethering mode.
- No need to use Wi-Fi AP in this case.
- Already available on Android market.
- Android only right now.
4) Supports BLUETOOTH USB dongle, and HID devices (KBD/ MOUSE)
5) Adds AUTOMATIC SETUP WIZARD ON/OFF option at “Settings  System  Advanced Settings”
- If turns it off, the setup wizard will not run again even though TV change is detected.
6) Fixes several interaction bugs with external services.

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE
1) Focus of home screen icon will reside always on ANDROID-APPS.
2) Shows current link speed of Wi-Fi at “Settings  Network Setting”, so you can grab the idea of Wi-Fi speed.
- 150mbps means 802.11n. 54Mbps means 11g, 10mbps means 11b.
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