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TizzBird Stick N1 firmware 3.03.121002

posted Oct 03, 2012 08:00:16 by
Download: [Firmware 3.03 for N1GB]

This is the Rev 3.03.121002 release of firmware of N1/F12. This firmware will be applied to TizzStick N1/ TizzBird F12 models. This is the 4th official release version firmware for N1M & N1G.
We fixed 3D MKV and 3D subtitle bug in this version.
We also added GMS (Google Market Service) version at OTA as before (typing “900912” scheme). Please use SEARCH+RED+YELLOW+BLUE+SEARCH button on N1’s remote. You can directly connect to Google Market Place with this version. This can be also updated thru OTA.

1) Reduces the booting time of N1 to 30-32 seconds or so. (6~8 seconds faster)
2) Fixes 3D IDX/SUB subtitle problem for 3D MKV file.
3) Fixes EDID problem of detecting TV changes. (Running setup wizard even though TV not changed)
4) Fixes several interaction bugs with external services. More stable.

2. Changes in the USER INTERFACE
1) Fixes mouse click problem of music browser.
- Double click to playback the selected music.
2) Shows text of current selected icon at Android launcher.
3) Changes the highlighting color of current selected icon at Android launcher.
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