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TizzBird Stick N1 firmware 3.10.121121

posted Nov 21, 2012 10:19:47 by
Download: [Firmware 3.10 for N1GB]

This is the Rev 3.10.121121 release of firmware of N1. This firmware will be applied to TizzStick N1G (1GB) models. This is the 6th official release version firmware. We support the system-recovery mode officially in this version. Please refer to the new “N1 Owner’s Guide” on the web-site for how to use it.

We also added GMS (Google Market Service) version at OTA as before (typing “900912” scheme). Please use SEARCH+RED+YELLOW+BLUE+SEARCH button on N1’s remote. This can be also updated thru OTA.

1) Supports RECOVERY mode just like smart phone in case of device is unbootable. (Please refer to the document at the SMARTSHEET or new “N1 Owners’ Guide” at web-site). This is official version of SYSTEM-RECOVER.
2) Supports “QWERTY-EU” (for Sweden), “QWERTZ” (for Germany) and “AZERTY” (for France) keyboard on the system settings.
3) Fixes the internal subtitle problem of “Total Recall (2012)” MKV file.
4) Fixes manual configuration problem of NFS.
5) Fixes minor music playback bugs.
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